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Heated Storage

Heated Storage

The Advantages of Heated Storage Units

Are you in need of a storage unit that will ensure your products are safe throughout the harshest Canadian winters? 

For many products, cold temperatures are sure to cause a lot of damage. Whether you are selling electronics, items that contain liquids, or any other item that low temperatures will damage, you need a storage unit that will keep your products at a consistent temperature throughout the winter or cold weather. 

Heated storage is, just as it sounds, a storage unit used to maintain a specified temperature and prevent moisture collection. 

At FlexSpace Logistics, we have heated storage facilities across Canada thanks to our vast network of 3PL partners. We will ensure your products are handled with care and are store to their exact specifications. 

Throughout this article, we will highlight what heated storage is, its benefits, the difference between heated and climate-controlled storage, and more. 

What is Heated Storage?

Heated storage ensures your products are placed within a unit that maintains a specific temperature and is altered based on the temperature outside. 

While heated storage may cost more than unheated units, maintaining an exact temperature can prevent various goods from being damaged, such as cleaners, craft supplies, beverages, or equipment such as electronics. The additional amount you will have to pay for heated storage comes down to things such as the unit’s size, location, and more. 

The reason location is a factor in the amount you have to pay for heated storage is because some areas are colder than others. The price will also increase with size as more power will be needed to maintain the heat required for the unit. 

The Advantages of Heated Storage

Heat storage is a reliable way to store products that must remain dry and not too cold. However, many other benefits come with heated storage, such as:

Humidity Control

Canada is known for having a diverse set of seasons that become both very hot and very cold. With that in mind, being able to control the humidity within your storage unit will ensure that no matter the time of the year, your products will not be susceptible to the ever-changing Canadian weather. 

Better Air Quality

The seal and insulation on the floors, walls and ceilings that help maintain a temperature within a heated storage unit ensure that the air quality is exceptional. The better the air quality, the less build-up will occur, such as dust and other debris. Some of the items that will benefit most from good air quality are:

• Paper-based products

• Fabrics 

• Musical instruments

• Electronics

• Wood/metal furniture

Summer Temperature Control

While you may think that heated storage units are helpful in Canada’s cold winters, they are also beneficial during the summer months. Heated storage units can be kept cooler to ensure your items don’t overheat - this is ideal if you store your products within the unit for a prolonged period. 

Prevents Mould

One of the most significant issues with humidity rising is that mould will begin to form over time. Mould will affect many items such as fabrics, is challenging to eliminate, and may spoil the product entirely. With heated storage units, you can prevent moisture damage from affecting your goods, thanks to uniform heat distribution throughout.

Prevents Rodent and Insect Infestations

The sealing and quality insulation used within heated storage will also prevent an infestation of rodents or insects that could ruin your products. 

As mentioned previously, Canadian weather can do a lot of damage to your products. Whether it’s wood furniture, fabrics, electronics, or books, the damage caused by too hot or too cold of temperatures can compromise your goods. Heated storage units can help mitigate these risks.

At FlexSpace Logistics, we offer heated storage units across the country that are more than capable of handling the harsh Canadian winters.

We set up businesses with excellent storage, logistics, and inventory management services that significantly improve their overall productivity. Each product that goes through our network of facilities is handled with care so you can get back to the part of your business that matters. 

If you’d like to get started, get a quote today, or contact one of our FlexSpace Logistics advisors to find the right solution for your business at 1-844-985-3539.