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Drive-up Storage

Drive-up Storage

The Benefits of Drive-Up Self-Storage in Canada

There are numerous options for storage; some maintain the temperature of the inventory within, while others offer additional height for large items. However, for smaller businesses, one of the essential features they require is accessibility. 

Smaller businesses need to access the storage space of their inventory at any time, be it for handling items directly or counting and restock their remaining products. For these types of businesses, their best option is drive-up storage. 

Drive-up storage units are storage spaces that allow you to drive your vehicle directly to the unit’s entrance to facilitate easy loading and unloading. Not only can you efficiently access your inventory quicker, but you will also spend less time within the storage unit, allowing you to spend more time on the immediate needs of your business. 

At Flexspace Logistics, we provide quality drive-up storage in Canada so you can quickly unload or load your product with little to no hassle. No matter where in the country you are located, we are sure to have ample drive-up storage space for your business needs. 

To better illustrate the value these units can have, we have listed some of the key benefits that come along with drive-up storage units. 

The Benefits of Drive-Up Storage

Quick and Convenient Access

Pulling up directly to the storage unit to load and unload is the most significant benefit of drive-up storage. Having this quick and easy access to your inventory allows you to keep a close watch on your products to know if there is anything damaged or if your stock is running low.

Wide-Drive Aisles

Wide-drive aisles allow for easy unloading of anything as small as a car or as large as a moving truck. Also, due to the generous space provided, wide-drive aisles prevent any potential damage to your vehicle or product during the loading or unloading process.

Prevent Damaging Product

Any potential damage to your products occurs during the transferring process rather than the storage process. The act of unloading or loading products from a vehicle can cause a lot of unnecessary damage, especially if there is a significant distance the product must travel to reach the storage unit. With drive-up storage, you can drive your vehicle right up to the door, minimizing the risk of damage in the process. 

Ergonomic Friendly

Because drive-up storage units appeal most to small businesses, it is safe to assume that the business owners or employees themselves will be doing the heavy lifting. Walking long distances with large packages will increase the chance of injuries, especially if you have hefty products. With drive-up storage units, the travel between the car and the storage space is non-existent, so you won’t need to put wear and tear on your body to get your package to the destination point.  

Save Money

Speaking of heavy lifting, with the use of a drive-up storage unit, you will no longer have to hire additional help to assist with transferring your products as the units make doing so on your own a quick, easy, and cost-effective process. Also, this ensures that you are entirely responsible for your product and don’t have to worry about the company delivering on time or handling your products with care. 

Ground-Level Access

Some storage facilities can be challenging to access; you need to go through doorways, narrow hallways, and other obstacles that make loading and unloading your product a stressful and time-consuming process. With drive-up storage, you have ground-level access, so there is no awkward lifting or navigating small spaces, allowing you to get your product into the unit quickly without hassle. 

Why Choose Drive-Up Storage for Your Business

Drive-up storage gives smaller businesses easy access to their inventory, supplies, or equipment, which will present their central location with more room to conduct business. They also allow for easy loading and unloading while saving you the time and effort that can be better spent tending to your growing business.  

While most drive-up storage units are housed within rows of outdoor buildings, providing wide-drive aisles, some units are located within a drive-through facility, making it a prime choice for drive-up storage in Canada. 

With all of these benefits in mind, it is clear that a drive-up storage unit is a perfect choice for smaller businesses that need quick and easy access to inventory at all times. They save money, time, effort, and more, making them the optimal economical solution for growing businesses that need the extra space while still controlling all of their inventory. 

At FlexSpace Logistics, we have drive-up storage units across Canada, so no matter where your business is located, we are sure to have something within your vicinity. We ensure that all of the products we handle are done so with care, allowing you to get back to parts of your business that matter. 

To learn more, contact one of our FlexSpace Logistics advisors to find the right solution for your business at 1-844-985-3539 today.