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Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Does Your Business Need Cold Storage in Canada?

If your business deals with perishable items, you know the trouble that comes with storing and shipping products that have a shelf life. The temperature and humidity of the storage unit or shipping vehicle housing your products must be kept consistent, or a significant loss of your investment will occur. 

Luckily, thanks to technology, storing and getting perishable products across the world without risking the integrity of the item is possible with the use of cold storage units.

Cold storage units are used in many different industries to preserve the freshness and quality of the products they store with industrial compressors, high-grade insulation, and more to help keep the unit’s temperature consistent. 

At FlexSpace Logistics, we provide inventory storage and warehousing facilities that offer air-conditioned and refrigerated units for products that must be stored below room temperature, including food and other perishable items. Our cold storage in Canada uses advanced monitoring technology that prevents spoilage, so you don’t have to worry about wasting products.

This article will cover what cold storage is, how it works, types of cold storage, which products need cold storage, and more. 

What Is Cold Storage? 

Cold storage is a temperature-controlled storage space used to prevent the products stored within from spoiling or not complying with the laws and regulations that apply to them.

Cold storage units have many uses, such as:

Types of Cold Storage

There are many different types of cold storage units with varying maintenance, construction, and temperatures. Choosing the right one for your business will come down to the products you plan on storing. 

Here are some of the more common types of cold storage units you will encounter. 

Refrigerated Containers are the most common and cost-effective cold storage solution for small quantities of products while also being mobile.

Cold Rooms are refrigerated contains but on a larger scale without the benefit of mobility. 

Blast Freezers And Chillers are perfect for quickly cooling and storing food before reaching customers and are often used by restaurants and catering companies.

Pharmaceutical Grade Cold Storage is ideal for blood, vaccines, and biopharmaceuticals.

Plant-Attached Cold Storage is typically used for those looking to keep their cold storage in-house.

Who Needs Cold Storage?

While determining whether your products will require cold storage is dependant on the end-user, the most common reason they are used is for 3PL who store or ships products on behalf of a distributor or manufacturer. 

Other instances of cold storage usage include manufacturers who need on-site temperature control facilities built to their specifications for more optimal storage. 

Also, end-users like department stores, grocery stores, hospitals, and restaurants need cold storage to store temperature-sensitive products. 

To give you a better idea of what items typically need to be housed in cold storage units, here is a quick, general list:  

What Are Some Important Considerations When Using Cold Storage?

There are some things you must take into account before considering cold storage in Canada.

Space configuration must facilitate traffic flow through your facility while also allowing ease of access and maintaining proper airflow and temperature regulation. High-quality insulation ensures that the storage unit is energy efficient while not allowing air to escape. And finally, logistical needs like electronic devices, wireless and radio signals, and more must be considered when designing and constructing your cold storage facility.

The type of cold storage you need will depend on what you need the facility to do. Do you need something mobile and flexible? A refrigerated container may be best. If you have a lot of inventory and do not plan on relocating your product, a cold room would suit your needs. First, look at what works for you before deciding on your cold storage in Canada.  

Cold storage has more regulations surrounding it than its dry counterpart while also being more costly to construct. Because of this, companies will often outsource their cold storage needs to 3PL providers.

Because of this, 3PLs typically have a lower return on investment for cold storage and do everything possible to optimize their processes and facilities to ensure profitability.

At FlexSpace Logistics, we provide the very best cold storage in Canada so you can store your perishable items without worrying about losing product. We take utmost care of all products that we handle so you can store and ship with confidence and get back to the more essential aspects of your business.  

If you’d like to get started, get a quote today, or contact one of our FlexSpace Logistics advisors to find the right solution for your business at 1-844-985-3539.