The shipping process can come with many challenges. Finding the right tools, delegating labour, and more needs to be assessed before the shipping process begins. 

However, what happens when you have cargo that is so large, it is unable to fit onto a trailer? Using a ramp seems like an obvious solution, but when the load is so large and awkward, it can bow or break the ramp. 

In these cases, you need a tilt trailer. As the name states, tilt trailers can tilt, no matter the angle. The tilting function of these trailers can make loading and unloading trailers significantly more straightforward as their design allows them to serve as their own ramp; this enables you to avoid using bulky and fragile ramps that need to be transported each time they are required. 

Throughout this article, we go over what tilt trailers are and some of the main advantages of using them. 

What are Tilt Trailers?

Tilt trailers are unlike other, more conventional types of trailers as they have a tilting deck that makes loading and unloading heavy equipment and machinery much more effortless. These trailers are designed with hydraulic cylinders to ensure that tilt rates are smooth and steady.

There are two types of tilt trailers, full and industrial.

Full tilt trailers completely tilt when loading and unloading equipment, making them ideal for trucks with forklift attachments or scissor lifts.

With industrial tilt trailers, the front part of the deck doesn’t tilt, making it an excellent solution for shipping equipment with multiple attachments. Industrial tilt trailers use hydraulic cylinders and can be found in various lengths for different hauling needs.

The Benefits of Tilt Trailers 

Tilt trailers’ main advantage is hauling cumbersome and awkward loads; however, there are numerous other reasons to use these trailers. 

Here are some of the more notable benefits of using a tilt trailer. 


Tilt trailers can transport a large variety of cargo, so this will be the only trailer your business will need if you regularly deliver large shipments.

Thanks to their open design and tilt function, tilt trailers are perfect for effortlessly hauling large equipment and vehicles. With other trailers, getting vehicles up a ramp would prove challenging as they would need to be perfectly aligned to get up the ramp. With equipment like drop deck trailers, attempting to push a piece of machinery with wheels up a ramp would not work - with tilt trailers, however, this is exactly what they are designed to do. 

A tilt trailer is your best option if you need to push a large piece of machinery with wheels up a ramp. Though there are some weight limitations, tilt trailers can handle most equipment while securely placing the cargo. Aside from these few stipulations, tilt trailers can take virtually anything.

Protects Cargo

With some trailers, it can be challenging to secure large cargo, especially if the shipment will be going on a long journey. While you can use different devices to attempt to keep the load in place, there is still a chance that it may become loose, causing it to fall off and damage the goods within. This uncertainty is the last thing you want when trying to create an efficient supply chain. 

Luckily, tilt trailers ensure that any large or awkward cargo sits securely on the trailer. Also, with the ramp on tilt trailers, you can quickly load and unload cargo onto your trailer with little chance of damaging the shipment. 

Also, with tilt trailers, you will no longer have to use ramps created from old material that may break, causing damage to the product and possibly harming whoever is loading the goods in the process. Instead, the built-in ramp on tilt trailers makes loading and unloading safe and secure.  

Great Investment

Due to their versatility and ability to carry much heavier loads than the average trailer, tilt trailers have a higher upfront cost than standard flatbed trailers. However, if maintained properly, they can last a long time and be an excellent investment. 

Also, because tilt trailers make loading and unloading much quicker and easier, you will save a significant amount of money on labour and will have more time to focus on other parts of your business. 

At FlexSpace Logistics, we offer tilt trailers at many of our facilities across Canada, so regardless of the location of your business, we will have the resources to accommodate. We will handle your shipping and logistic needs with care so you can get back to the more pertinent aspects of your business. 

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