Are you in need of a storage unit that you can access personally at any time? 

Whether to regularly handle products or store them for a prolonged period due to not having a retail space, self-storage is a great way to ensure you can directly access your goods. 

Self-storage is a smaller storage space used by businesses and individuals who need additional space to store their products or belongings. 

According to IBISWorld, the self-storage industry’s annual revenue in 2019 was nearly $40 billion USD, a near 50% increase since 2010. 

One of the biggest reasons for the massive growth of self-storage in Canada is the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry. E-commerce businesses are typically smaller and lack the retail space a more traditional business would have, making self-storage the perfect option. 

Throughout this article, we will touch on the benefits of self-storage, different forms of self-storage, how they work, and more. 

Benefits of Self-Storage

While often used by families, self-storage also provides many benefits to business owners who need additional space. Those being: 


Due to self-storage not requiring additional staff to store and move the products within, they are considerably cheaper than traditional warehouses.

Flexible and Convenient

Regardless of the size of your business, you are sure to benefit from the flexibility and convenience that come with self-storage. Self-storage facilities offer many services available to make storing and moving items easy, such as drive-up storage. The flexibility of self-storage comes with the month-to-month payment and the ability to terminate your contracts quickly. 


Each Self-storage facility is equipped with security measures such as CCTV and alarm systems while also surrounded by gates, security fences, and a security guard looking after the facility 24/7.

Archive Important Documentation

While most everything is digital these days, there is still the chance of a security hack or data going missing, so it is essential always to have back-ups of things like invoices that are sure to stay right where you left them within your storage space.  

Temporary Storage

A self-storage unit is an excellent option if your business is relocating or growing in size, allowing you to temporarily store your products until you can return to your regular business practices. 

Different Forms of Self Storage

There are various sizes and forms of self-storage, all tending to the varying needs of the user, so choosing the right one for your business is crucial. You don’t want to pay for space you aren’t using, and you also want to have enough space. 

To determine what size and form of storage you will need, start by looking at the turnover you typically have for your products, how much you will be storing, and what you will be storying. You can then begin to determine the amount of space you will need, what kind of unit if best for your product, and start looking around.

To give you an idea of some of the self-storage units you will encounter, here is a list of some of the more common types:

Common Storage Unit Sizes

Standard storage units are a small as storage locked to as large as a 10’ x 30’ room which Most storing facilities will offer.

Drive-Up Storage 

Drive-up storage allows you to drive your vehicle directly up to the unit for easy loading and unloading. These are typically found outdoors but can also be found inside large facilities. Drive-up storage is perfect for smaller businesses that need constant access to their product or have heavier products that they cannot lift for long periods. 

Temperature-Controlled Storage

Temperature-controlled storage ensures that your products will be protected from the elements no matter the time of the year. Through the use of air conditioners in the summer and heaters in the winter, temperature-controlled storage will maintain a consistent temperature and be moisture-free year long, so you don’t have to worry about your products being ruined by Canada’s harsh weather. 

24 Hour Storage 

24-hours storage allows you to access your unit at any point, regardless of the facility’s business hours; this is great for businesses as you can never be sure when you will run low on products. 

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor self-storage units are temperature-controlled spaces within a building. These units offer the most security and are optimal for products that need to be protected from the elements to prevent moisture from forming.

Outdoor Storage Units

As the name state, outdoor self-storage units are located outside, wholly covered and locked away with no climate control. The plus side of outdoor storage units is that there is typically drive-up access, so loading and unloading products are much more convenient.

Self-storage in Canada is the perfect option for smaller businesses that need consistent access to their products. The variety of different units means that you will easily find one that meets your needs. 

At FlexSpace Logistics, we have self-storage units across Canada to ensure we can accommodate you, regardless of your business’s location. Each product that we store or ship is done so with care so you can stop worrying and get back to the parts of your business that really matter.

If you’d like to get started, get a quote today, or contact one of our FlexSpace Logistics advisors to find the right solution for your business at 1-844-985-3539.