When making your order fulfillment process as most efficient as possible, it is best to research and pick the right tools and solutions for your business’s particular needs. Many tools are used within the logistics process to assist with getting orders to the end-user with little to no hassle. 

When dealing with large or bulky cargo, a popular option is Multi-axle trailers. Multi-axle trailers are designed to transport large loads like vehicles, structures or construction equipment. The multiple axles ensure that weight is dispersed evenly to allow for a more safe trip. 

Throughout this article, we go through Multi-axle trailers, the two main types, and some of their more notable benefits. 

What is a Multi-axle trailer?

Multi-axle trailers have more than the standard two axles, going up to as many as 19 axles to facilitate more effortless articulation when transporting cargo. These trailers are used to transport more oversized or overweight loads like construction equipment, industrial building material, and more. 

Types of Multi-axle trailers

There are two main types of Multi-axle trailers used for transporting large cargo, those being: 

Low Bed Multi-axle trailers

Low bed Multi-axle trailers have lower profiles, making transporting large cargo or equipment that exceeds normal height restrictions easier. These trailers are perfect for shipping hefty loads that could have balancing issues during the trip.

Modular Multi-axle trailers

Modular Multi-axle trailers are hydraulic trailers with a high tensile steel chassis frame that are incredibly durable. Due to the hydraulics in the platform, these trailers can spread the concentrated weight to each wheel, so the load remains level when running on uneven roads.

Benefits of Multi-axle trailers 

Numerous benefits accompany using Multi-axle trailers; some of the more notable benefits are: 

  • Handles Heavy Loads - Multi-axle trailers can handle loads of up to 40,000 pounds over each axle bearing.
  • More Nimble Turning - With pendulum axles with a stroke of almost 24 inches and turning angles of -60 degrees to +60 degrees, Multi-axle trailers have excellent manoeuvrability and can perform very narrow turning.
  • Fifth-Wheel Load Adjustment - Multi-axle trailers are equipped with hydraulics and mechanical fifth-wheel load adjustment, allowing maximum operational flexibility.

At FlexSpace Logistics, we offer Multi-axle trailers at many of our facilities across Canada, so regardless of the location of your business, we will have the resources to accommodate. We will handle your shipping and logistic needs with care so you can get back to the more pertinent aspects of your business. 

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