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What is Load Handling Equipment?

The order fulfillment process has numerous steps between the warehouse shelf to the end user’s hands. A collaborative effort is needed from warehouse workers, vehicle operators, and the end-user. 

However, occasionally, assistance is required to help move or transport a product to ensure the goods aren’t damaged and workers remain safe. Load handling equipment is often used during the order fulfilment process to simplify the process.

Load handling equipment can include pallet jacks, side loaders, conveyor belts, and more. Throughout this article, we take a look at some of the more common types of load handling equipment. 

What is Load Handling Equipment?

Load handling equipment is used to move products from one location to another during the order fulfillment process. Load handling equipment is often used for larger shipments involving cartons, pallets, and shipping containers but can also make transporting products throughout a warehouse more effortless. 

Types of Load Handling Equipment

While there are many types of load handling equipment, we will only cover some of the more common variants here.  


Forklifts are used to move pallets, heavy goods and materials. Forklifts are sturdy but still portable enough to travel through a warehouse while also lifting large amounts of weight. There are numerous forklifts to choose from depending on the weight of the goods you are looking to transport.

Pallet Jack

A pallet jack is a manual lifting device with wheels used to lift and transport pallets around the warehouse. Due to the tapered forks beneath the pump and pallet, pallet jacks can raise and lower to make lifting and loading more straightforward. Pallet jacks are also one of the most common devices used in warehouses.


Dollies come in all shapes and sizes and are essentially platforms on wheels that typically have two axles and four wheels in total, with one on each corner. Dollies are an excellent solution for moving smaller objects that cannot be lifted manually. They are also very portable and can be used throughout the warehouse, regardless of how confined the space is.


Side-loaders forklifts travel forwards with the load secure at the side so that the driver can see any potential obstructions in their path. These forklifts make travelling long distances or through confined spaces simple. Using side-loaders is much safer and more productive when lifting building materials, such as timber, steel, and other heavy materials.

Order Pickers

An order picker is a piece of equipment used during the picking and packing process and is used for goods stored at the second level of racking or higher within a warehouse or distribution centre. Order pickers are usually used for order picking, high-level order picking, or in a narrow aisle.

Conveyor Belts  

Conveyor belts are moving walkways used to transport goods through a long runaway. Conveyor belts are used to transport large amounts of products, boxes, or materials effortlessly. These belts allow companies to ship and receive more significant stocks of quantities with smaller warehouses and fewer labour expenses.  

At FlexSpace Logistics, we offer load handling at many of our facilities across Canada, so regardless of the location of your business, we will have the resources to accommodate. We will handle your shipping and logistic needs with care so you can get back to the more pertinent aspects of your business. 

If you’d like to get started, get a quote today, or contact one of our FlexSpace Logistics advisors to find the right solution for your business at 1-844-985-3539.