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Inventory Management

FlexSpace Logistics will simplify inventory management, saving you money and helping you take control by keeping track of your inventory in the process.

When working with FlexSpace, you get access to an exclusive inventory software plan, the leading inventory management software system for small businesses, saving you over 75%.

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Inventory Tracking

Save money by never ordering too much or too little.

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Multiple Locations

Real time inventory tracking across multiple storage locations.

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Use existing barcodes or generate your own and save time with every scan.

Inventory Management Multiple Currencies service description icon

Sales and Invoicing

Increase your sales by quickly sending invoices and receiving payments. Create quotes, picking and shipping documents.
Inventory Management Reminders services description icon

Low Stock Reminders

Set reorder points and get alerted in time before you run out of inventory.

Inventory Management Work Orders services description icon

Work Orders

Kitting, Bill of Materials, and assembly tracking for manufacturing.

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