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Prints and Paintings Store

Suzy, the owner of a small store on Etsy where she sells prints and handmade paintings

Small Business Self-Storage, Last Mile Delivery , Inventory Management
March 2021


Suzy, the owner of a small store on Etsy where she sells prints and handmade paintings, came into an issue when business picked up beyond her initial expectations. Her home became cluttered with inventory, preventing her from living her day-to-day life. 


After realizing she needed additional storage space to continue conducting business, she contacted FlexSpace Logistics. We worked one-on-one with Suzy to ensure that the storage solution we found suited her business needs while also finding an affordable option close to her home. 

On top of setting her up with the ideal storage solution, she also had access to inFlow, the leading inventory management software system for small businesses and a partner of FlexSpace Logistics. With inFlow, Suzy efficiently manages her inventory, helping her take control over her stock while saving money in the process. 

Before partnering with FlexSpace Logistics, Suzy would pick, pack, and drive to the shipping location every three days. Through FlexSpace, she set up her ShipExpert account, another one of our partners, which works with Canada’s top carriers to provide the best rates available. The shipping process is now straightforward as ShipExpert goes directly to Suzy’s home to pick up and ship products. 

Thanks to FlexSpace Logistics, Suzy no longer has to worry about her storage or shipping needs as we provide everything required for her business to run smoothly.

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